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Perfect Horizan cleaning services will be providing the below cleaning services for commercial sector:

  • Office Cleaning

    Perfect Horizan offers complete offices cleaning. We adjust with our customer’s schedule to ensure minimal interruption to your business. Our cleaners are experts in the removal of all dust, dirt, and debris on all surfaces.

    Our Office Cleaning Services

    • Carpet care – we do thorough vacuuming to pick up deep-seated dust and debris that may have been trapped in the rug’s fabric. We also do steam carpet cleaning as regular maintenance to prolong the life of the carpet. Carpet cleaning will give you a fresh-looking rug like you just installed a new one.
    • Upholstery care – we steam clean office chairs, cushions, and office partitions. This process takes away the dust and dirt that may have been sitting on the surface for a while. This ensures that your employees and visitors will not suffer from any allergies caused by dust and dirt.
    • Dusting – We will make sure that the employee’s table will not be disrupted as we go along this process. We only touch and dust tables and desks when it is free from clutter.
    • Air Vents Dusting – Air Vents plays a vital role in maintaining the healthy air circulation in the office. Maintaining a dust-free air vent plays a significant role in this.
    • Toilet Cleaning – Like in any other facility, Clean Group loves making toilets and bathroom shine. You will not hesitate to sit on the toilet or touch the flush because you can trust that it is clean and sanitized.
  • School Cleaning

    Classrooms are considered as the second home of every kid in the community. Cleanliness plays an essential role in children’s stay inside the school. Children tend to do a lot of unexpected things. School Cleaning is on top of the game. We sanitize every corner of the classroom to make sure that your child will not catch viruses and germs during his or her stay in school.

    In Perfect Horizan, we leverage our tremendous experience in school cleaning schools and offices. We know and recognize the standard health and cleanliness issues that may affect the classroom’s productivity.

    • Clearing away garbage.
    • Dusting the furniture.
    • Cleaning the toilets.
    • Parks
    • Restocking towels and toilet paper rolls.
    • Cleaning the windows.
    • Vacuuming and cleaning the carpets.
  • Tower and Building Cleaning

    We Perfect Horizan are committed to excellence in cleaning services. Our mission is to provide the highest quality services to our client and we take pride in offering optimal cleaning services that suits your needs.

    At Perfect Horizan we are constantly improving our cleaning techniques by applying innovative approaches to our work methods. We strive to provide better and more hygienic work environments for your business.

  • Stadium and Event Cleaning Services

    Nothing is more important than maintaining an attractive clean appearance for discerning guests. Perfect Horizan offers the high cleanliness standard of these types of recreational area leaving no details overlook we offer our expert cleaning services on a larger scale, servicing Stadiums and Event Venues. Our experienced team of cleaning professionals will help you maintain your conference, concert or sporting event, ensuring a safe and clean environment for everyone. We have the skill and experience to provide the highest level of satisfaction no matter how big the job is. To take advantage of our stadium and event cleaning services.

  • Park and play area cleaning

    PH offer experience a new level of clean and safety services for parks and play areas. Our service includes detailed cleaning and sanitizing, debris removal, our cleaning processes and reliable crews that truly care for children’s and adult health and safety and a guarantee that we do what we are hired to do — create a safer and cleaner place for children to play. No details are left undone and flexible safety inspections can be added onto your cleaning work. Using non-allergenic, non-corrosive cleaning and disinfectants, our experienced team will clean and sanitize every area of your park and play areas.Our contained, specialized high pressure low water steam cleaning machine will clean the structure completely. We pay careful attention to crevasses and other hard to access areas such as on top of your structure and in and around closed of areas and all exteriors of tube and open slides.


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