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Perfect Horizan cleaning services will be providing the below cleaning services for residential sector:

  • Daily Cleaning

    If your offices, Buildings or any other properties need a regular clean, daily cleaning services are right for you. These can take place either before or after your staff are out of the building. A daily cleaning requirement is usually created on a bespoke basis matching the need of the clients.

  • Periodic Cleaning

    PH provides Periodic cleaning services for all properties that does not require a daily clean. This is often beneficial for smaller offices Just like daily cleaning, however, when creating a periodic cleaning schedule. It can be for every other day, every week, fortnightly or monthly

  • Deep Cleaning

    A deep clean is a professional cleaning service offered by PH when a business needs something cleaned, beyond the level of cleanliness offered through daily and periodic cleaning. A deep clean is performed by our specialist team using the latest methods of cleaning.

  • Clinical Cleaning

    PH provides Clinical cleaning for environments which require a high level of hygiene, such as Clinics, Hospitals and Treatment Facilities. A clinical cleaning service can be put in place to manage places that have an incredibly high risk of infection. Clinical Cleaning is performed by our specialist team using the latest methods of cleaning.

  • Infection Control

    PH provides special infection control services that, are aimed for hospitals This cleaning service goes above and beyond the average this service is carried out correctly and to a high standard to stop the spread of infections. Infection Control cleaning will be done by various high temperature steam and fogging techniques by our specialist team.

  • Window Cleaning

    PH provides unique window cleaning services as per the client’s request for most businesses. The cleaning of a company’s windows helps create a professional and competent feel for visitors visiting your premises. Window cleaning can be booked when you need it or it can be set up on a regular schedule.


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